We make contractors, architects, fabricators, and owners happy.

HOW? — By getting the project done right, and on schedule.
HOW? — By maintaining a network of knowledgeable people and companies.
HOW? — By asking questions to be sure we understand what we are doing.
HOW? — By paying a lot of attention to your project and adding value.

In our traditional role, we are a "virtual manufacturer" or "virtual subcontractor" supplying, and sometimes also installing, various molded architectural products for commercial construction projects. We do not own fabrication facilities, but take responsibility for the product and for its design and sales.

We believe that as a specialized, expert supplier of custom, job-specific material, we must provide advice along with the material, whether it involves connections, surrounding materials, installation sequencing or materials. We strive for trouble-free projects. We are focused on "getting it right" and have the know-how and commitment to consistently achieve this. We outsource fabrication, installation, etc., utilizing a network of screened, regular high-end partners, each with a particular specialty.

We are particularly knowledgeable in

When we are providing services for a construction project, we take a similar approach. At a certain stage in projects, when either the contractor or designer requires serious, knowledge-based attention to material decisions and to details, we work on a fee-basis, and may or may not also supply material.

The close supervision of each project by a senior project manager, Leo Schlosberg, provides the distinctive flavor of the Cary Concrete Products experience. You always have someone working on your behalf to see your project through to completion. Our experience with a wide range of related molded materials gives us unusually broad expertise and allows us to recommend a particular material without prejudice. Our favorite projects are between $50,000 and $1,000,000.